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Succesful Pre-Season Test in Valencia

Australia - Here we come

Succesful Pre-Season Test in Valencia

I honestly couldnt wait for this season to start. Some things have changed compared to last year, my teammate is now Alex Cooper, and Jamez Shepherd is back in the team. Although this might sound like a lot changed, the team itself is still very close together and the working mentality and atmosphere is just as good as it was all previous season long. Of course our aims for 2013 cannot be less than repeating what we achieved in 2012, maybe perform even better. I personally had some bad races last season, and I think I need to be even more consisten and comptetitive this year, to achieve that. But I like to be challenged and 2013 will most certainly be a great challenge for all of us.

Today has finally arrived, the official start of our 2013 campaign. I was highly anticipating the first official outing with our new car, already set up with the latest updates, that just arrived late this night. Our team did a fantastic job, working all night, so we were able to test the latest version of our car. Today’s primary aim was to learn more about the tires, especially the primes, of course including all the other checks you got do to, when testing your new companion for the first time.
The test went very well, we got through our program fast and without any issues. Our testdriver Jamez suffered a small electrical problem on lap 34 this morning, but these things can happend and it is no reason to start worrying, as it got fixed very fast and he was able to finish the rest of his desired program without any further problems. My this years teammate Alex has his run planned for later this day and I am eager to see how he thinks of our MM-03. I’m positive he will get through as well as I did and we can focus on further improvements then.
Nevertheless the car felt great already, which is a good start and is promising for the rest of the pre-season tests, aswell as the Superleague season!

best regards,

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